3720A / 3721A

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DC 전자로드 3720A / 3721A
Array 3720A

3720A and 3721A Electronic Loads provide an adaptable, and functional asset wherever power sources need to be tested.These units are designed to provide high reliability, great performance, and ease of operation with multiple functionality.

  • • 4 basic functions: CC, CV, CR, and CP ; and 8 basic test modes:
  • • High-speedsequence, high-speed transient, short-circuit, battery
      discharge and other auxiliary functions
  • • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current
  • • Optional zero-voltage test accessories are available
  • • Programmable current slew rate
  • • Perfect protection assures high reliability in the most complicated of test
  • • Multiple groups of parameters and lists can be saved and recalled
  • • Ruggedized structure, exquisite user-friendly design and convenient operation
  • • Supports SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) and
      Labview, and provides necessary PC software

제품 사양
Model 3720A 3721A
Input Ratings
Current 0~30A 0~40A
Voltage 0~80V 0~80V
Power*1 250W at 40℃ 400W at 40℃
Input Characteristics
Min. Operation Voltage
@Full Scale Current
0.6V 0.6V
Constant Current Mode
Low Range 0~3A 0~4A
Resolution 0.1mA 0.1mA
Accuracy 0.1% + 5mA 0.1% + 5mA
High Range 0~40A 0~40A
Resolution 1mA 1mA
Accuracy 0.1% + 10mA 0.1% + 10mA
Constant Voltage Mode
Range 0~80V 0~80V
Resolution 1mV 1mV
Accuracy 0.1% + 10mV 0.1% + 10mV
Constant Resistance Mode
Low Range 0.02~2Ω 0.02~2Ω
Resolution 0.1mΩ 0.1mΩ
Accuracy @I>4A 0.5% + 12mΩ 0.5% + 12mΩ
Middle Range 2~200Ω 2~200Ω
Resolution 8.6uS*2 8.6uS
Accuracy @V>8V 0.3% + 1.25mS 0.3% + 1.25mS
High Range 20~2000Ω 20~2000Ω
Resolution 0.96uS 0.96uS
Accuracy @V>8V 0.3% + 0.625mS 0.3% + 0.625mS
Constant Resistance Mode
Range 0~250W 0~400W
Resolution @P<100W 1mW 1mW
@P≥100W 10mW 10mW
Accuracy 0.2% + 600mW 0.2% + 600mW
Current Measurement
Low Range 0~4A 0~4A
Resolution 0.1mA 0.1mA
Accuracy 0.05% + 4mA 0.05% + 4mA
High Range 0~40A 0~40A
Resolution 1mA 1mA
Power Measurement
Range 0~250W 0~400W
Resolution @P<1000W 1mV 1mV
@P≥1000W 10mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.1% + 600mV 0.1% + 600mV
RangeCCH 1mA/us~4A/us 1mA/us~4A/us
CCL*3 100uA/us~400mA/us 100uA/us~400mA/us
Resolution 1mA/us 1mA/us
Accuracy*4 3% + 10us 3% + 10us
Transient Operation
Transient Mode Continuous, Pulse, Toggled Continuous, Pulse, Toggled
Frequency Range*5 0.38Hz~50kHz 0.38Hz~50kHz
High/Low Time 0~655.35ms 0~655.35ms
Resolution 10us 10us
Accuracy 0.2% + 10us 0.2% + 10us
Riising/Falling Time 10us~655.35 10us~655.35
Resolution 10us 10us
List Characteristics
Step Time 10us~100000s 10us~100000s
Resolution 10us 10us
Accuracy 0.2% + 10us 0.2% + 10us
Number of Steps 1~50 1~50
Cycle 1~65535 1~65535
Store Cpacity 7 lists 7 lists
Expanded Functions Chain Chain
Battery Discharge
Discharge Time 1s~100h 1s~100h
Resolution 1s 1s
Accuracy 0.2% + 1s 0.2% + 1s
Battery Capacity 1mAh~3000Ah 1mAh~3000Ah
Resolution 1mAh 1mAh
Accuracy 0.3% + 0.01Ah 0.3% + 0.01Ah
Short Circuit
CCL Mode 3.3A 4.4A
CCH Mode 33A 44A
CV Mode 0V 0V
CRL Mode 0.018Ω 0.018Ω
CRM Mode 1.8Ω 1.8Ω
CRH Mode 18Ω 18Ω
CPV Mode 270W 420W
CPC Mode 0W 0W
Maximum Slew Rate
Current 3A/us 4A/us
Voltage 0.6V/us 0.6V/us
Programmable open Circuit ≥20kΩ ≥20kΩ
Trigger Input
Trigger Level TTL falling edge TTL falling edge
Tirgger Pulse Width ≥10us ≥10us
Maximum Input Levels
Current 33A 44A
Voltage 84V 84V
Protection Features OV, OC, OP, OT, RV OV, OC, OP, OT, RV
Reverse Current Capacity
Input OFF 25A 30A
Input ON 40A 50A
Ripple and Noise
Current(rms/p-p) 3mA/30mA 3mA/30mA
Voltage(rms) 5mV 5mV
Environmental Conditions
Temperature 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Relative Humidity ≤85% ≤85%
Remote Interface*6 RS232, GPIB, USB(예정) RS232, GPIB, USB(예정)
Programming Language SCPI SCPI
AC Input
Voltage AC110V or AC220V±15% AC110V or AC220V±15%
Frequency 48 to 63Hz 48 to 63Hz
  • *1 Maximum continuous power available is derated linearly from 100% of maximum at 40ºC, to 75% of maximum at 50 ºC.
  • *2 Conductance (S) = 1 / Resistance (Ω). The siemens is the SI derived unit of conductance, and the symbol is "S".
  • *3 The set level is 10 times larger than the slew rate in CCL mode.
  • *4 The actual transition time is defined as the time required for the input to change from 10% to 90% or from 90% to 10% of the programmed excursion.
  • *5 Transient frequency depends on the time for high/low level and rising/falling edge.
  • *6 Full remote control via RS232 with optional GPIB and USB(예정).
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